Beauty Advice For Beautiful Long Hair



Long hair really should not be combed so frequently because every time going through the lost hair comb.

Long hair is not always open carry, thereby avoids too frequent combing.

Tie long hair never with rubber bands, which destroys your hair Instead, it uses rather thick velvet or wide bands of fabric, this strain the hair less.

Color long hair as low as possible , or bleach Should it be necessary to use gentle products

Use top quality combs without sharp edges, Sharp edges of combs can break the hair’s surface Avoid strong pull or tear!

Protect the hair care in the summertime or even in the solarium with a hat or scarf from the UV rays. No protection would mean that your hair is lighter and much more porous.

Healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is useful for our body and as well as for the hair and hair growth.

Long hair should not be washed as frequently as possible Possible only 1 to 2 times a week This is of course only if you do not have greasy hair quickly.

Before shampooing the hair thoroughly with a soft comb to comb through As a result, the hair in the residues from hair spray, hair sprays and other products solve before shampooing the hair.

Use appropriate type shampoos her hair with nourishing ingredients Don’t let the shampoo act too long and rinse after shampooing with plenty of water A cold water rinse is also a blessing for her scalp.

Use care products such as conditioners and treatments to improve the manageability and provide shine and elasticity of your hair.

The long hair after shampooing never rub dry with a towel but express only gently Blow dry hair never gets too hot, whenever you can, let the hair air dry or use the blow dryer on the lowest setting just a strain on the hair less.