Hairstyles for Weave Hair


Would you like to straighten your wavy hair with no damage it with a straightener? Then the hair dryer is your answer. Here are some tips to obtain a quick hairstyles for weave hair, so not so wavy anymore.


1. Then add heat activated serum to your hair, or even some anti-curl serum. It’s working wonders, you only need to do that before you begin drying your hair.

2. You have to dry your bangs first, however,when you have a cowlick, it may be very difficult to get your bangs all the way straight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. Hell, little natural wave can look pretty good though. You’ll need to take a round brush, and brush your bangs down while you point hair in bangs. Be careful, and keep the dryer at least 6 to 8 inches away, or possibly just burn you.

3. Now,if you’d like volume, just flip your hair upside down, and brush when you dry. But not everybody wants volume, at least not all the time, then just take a section at a time, and brush it with a round brush while you dry.

It’s pretty much done now, however, you do not wish to brush hair for a while, if you do,it’ll get curly, and you may lose the straightness in the process. Now, keep this style as much as possible, as most of the day, will likely need you to apply some hairspray.

You now find out how easy it really is to get your hair straightened without having to use a hair straightener?It is quite easy is not it? So you won’t have the problem again, you’ll be able to switch from wavy, curly, straight to anytime you want.